Claw Tag Holder - Pack of 5

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Claw Tag Holder - Pack of 5

Our Claw Tag holder has been designed with an innovative 'claw' which is flexible and allows for easy attachment to enclosed pipework and structures.

With no insert in place the message 'Do not use this equipment Information tag is missing', along with 'Ref: No.' is displayed.

They are made from reinforced Nylon and are resistant to moisture, temperature and oils. The material has been specifically chosen to be flexible, making them nearly impossible to snap, and they will not chip or crack in even the harshest of conditions.

Each holder also has a 'break' in the edge wall to allow for easy removal of the insert. Slip a screw driver in at this point behind the tag and flip the insert out.

These holders are supplied in packs of 5.

ClawTag Size
280mm x 80mm
ClawTag Thickness
ClawTag Material
Nylon 6

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