GLS 6W (32W) B22 (BC) 350 Lumens Warm White LED Light Bulb

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GLS 6W (32W) BC (B22) 350 Lumens Warm White LED Light Bulb

This LED Bulb has a bayonet cap and produces 350 Lumens, it has a power output of 6W and is suitable to replace either a 50W bulb or a 40W bulb.

All of our LED light bulbs are perfect for replacing exisiting bulbs within both domestic, and retail/commercial lighting enviroments.

Why Choose LED Bulbs?
  • 25,000 hour life
  • 85% Energy Saving
  • Instant Full Light Technology
  • Mercury Free
  • Same size as standard bulbs
  • Low heat output

The below chart will help you decide which bulb you need to replace your current bulb:

TypeIncandescent BulbIdeal LED Replacement
Candle 25W 4W
Golf 25W 4W
GLS 40W 6W
GLS 60W 12W
GU10 50W 6W

Within 15 months you will recover the costs of LED bulbs through energy savings.